Encounter Lesson Tutorials

Use the link below to download a PowerPoint presentation that is a tutorial on how to use the Young Teen and High School Teacher Guides.

Click here to download the presentation.

Encounter Resources

The High School Resources pack includes an enhanced CD-ROM packed with audio skits, QuickTime™ video clips, posters in digital format, virtual student pages in Flash® format, and Bible memory puzzles. Colorful posters and pages of reproducible masters make this kit the perfect companion to each week’s lesson.

The Scene

The Scene is an optional activity that helps you teach the lesson every week with current events, trends, or media! Click on a link below to download a PDF file for the Young Teen and High School age groups.

Encounter Scope & Sequence

The phrase “Scope and Sequence” refers to the content of the curriculum and the order in which that content is taught. Maintaining an intentional scope and sequence is important because it gives teachers and students the assurance that there is a design behind their learning and that they will be guided through the Bible in an appropriate, relevant, and gospel-focused manner. This is certainly the case with Encounter curriculum.

Encounter Overview

Many changes take place during the teenage years. One Accord’s Encounter curriculum is designed to help the church encourage, inspire, and equip teenagers to live for Christ during this often confusing and defining time in their lives.