Adult Scope & Sequence

The phrase  “Scope and Sequence” refers to the content of the curriculum and the order in which that content is taught. Maintaining an intentional scope and sequence is important because it gives teachers and students the assurance that there is a design behind their learning and that they will be guided through the Bible in an appropriate, relevant, and gospel-focused manner. This is certainly the case with Classic Adult curriculum.

Adult Sample Lessons

Major desicions are made during the Young Adult to Adult Years. The Adult Curriculum balances bible instruction with practical application. Every lesson is built to engage the students in discipleship & personal growth.

Several illustrations and guides are available for each lesson that help emphasize and relate the material to the student. Learn how One Accord Adult Curriculum helps you achieve these goals by downloading the Sample Lessons from each series.

Adult Overview

One Accord’s adult Sunday school and small group resources are designed with today’s Christian adults in mind, helping them to find peace and balance in their hectic routines while encouraging them to dig deeply into Scripture and actively minister to those around them. Each resource is founded upon One Accord’s commitment to God’s Word, spiritual formation, and personal evangelism.

One Accord offers three very different adult curriculum resources, from which you may choose what best meets the needs, interests, and demographics of your own unique group.