Encounter Scope & Sequence

The phrase “Scope and Sequence” refers to the content of the curriculum and the order in which that content is taught. Maintaining an intentional scope and sequence is important because it gives teachers and students the assurance that there is a design behind their learning and that they will be guided through the Bible in an appropriate, relevant, and gospel-focused manner. This is certainly the case with Encounter curriculum.

During the young teen and high school years, students that participate in Encounter curriculum will take an age-appropriate journey through the Bible in a way that challenges them to learn more about God's truth and understand how to apply it to their daily lives. Encounter offers a weekly, four-step lesson plan that makes it easy for you to engage your youth in God's Word with practical teaching, hands-on activities, and intellectually stimulating questions, discussion-starters, and research. We understand that you have limited time to talk to the young people in your group about their relationship with God. You can trust that Encounter has been designed thoughtfully and strategically to make the most of that time.

Download a PDF file of the Encounter scope and sequence by clicking here.