Adult Overview

One Accord’s adult Sunday school and small group resources are designed with today’s Christian adults in mind, helping them to find peace and balance in their hectic routines while encouraging them to dig deeply into Scripture and actively minister to those around them. Each resource is founded upon One Accord’s commitment to God’s Word, spiritual formation, and personal evangelism.

One Accord offers three very different adult curriculum resources, from which you may choose what best meets the needs, interests, and demographics of your own unique group.

  • Classic Adult is a traditional Sunday school resource packed with King James Bible-based lessons, Pentecostal foundations, evangelical emphasis, and comprehensive Scripture coverage. Designed for adults of all ages and backgrounds, this scope-and-sequence curriculum has been setting the standard in adult Christian education for decades.

  • Faith Café is a topical Sunday school and small group experience for adults of all ages, specially brewed to instill community, authenticity, spiritual formation, and service in your group. Each lesson includes video interviews and performances from the popular Faith Café TV show.

  • GAP is a Sunday school and small group resource designed for graduates and professionals between the ages of 18 and 25. This topical curriculum provides insightful biblical and moral truth on real-life issues that high school graduates, college students, and young professionals face each day during this pivotal phase of their lives.